PF-600 Foam Kit


UltraSeal® PF-600 Series is an E-84, Class 1 self contained, portable two-component polyurethane foam dispensing system that requires no outside power source and is disposable when empty (consult local authorities for it proper disposal). All UltraSeal® PF-600 Series materials have been formulated utilizing either HCFCs or HFCs rather than traditional CFCs. HCFCs are 20 times less hazardous to the environment or the Earth’s ozone layer than CFCs.

UltraSeal® PF Series tanks are supplied complete with a gun hose assembly and 2-types of standard spray nozzles. Special purpose nozzles are available as optional.

  • CCMC # 13520-L
    (CAN/ULC-S711.2-05, Standard for Thermal Insulation – Bead-Applied Two-Component Polyurethane Air Sealant Foam) 
  • High density polyurethane foam.
  • Excellent thermal properties.
  • E-84, Class 1 Rated
  • Quick curing.
  • All-in-one kits.
  • Applies easily.
  • Reusable.
  • Ideal for interior and exterior industrial, commercial institutional and residential settings, for both new and retrofit construction.
  • Seal crawl spaces, garage walls and ceilings and many other sealing applications in residential new and retrofit construction.
  • Ideal to seal and draft stop around residential, commercial & industrial gaps, crevices and holes.
  • Sealing heating, air conditioning, plumbing, refrigeration, electrical, drywall, and general construction.
  • Seals out radon, drafts, gases, odors, water, dust, sound, and pests.
  • Convenient foam-in-place insulation.
  • Excellent adhesion to dissimilar substrates.
  • Reusable foaming system.
  • Minimal preparation time.
  • Includes a 15’ gun hose assembly.
  • Wrench & Vaseline packets.
  • 5 spray nozzles (fan & cone).
  • 9 kits per pallet.