UltraSeal PU Foams

1. What is a closed cell foam?
Closed cell foams have a higher tensile strength then open cell foams and are a great alternative to insulation. They do not absorb water and will reduce energy consumption.

2. Do foam products help energy cost?
Yes, spray foams create a barrier and offer insulation value to many parts of a home, industrial or commercial building. Foam can add to the insulation value, close any gaps and crevices and add to the overall energy conservation of your building.

3. What is the difference between a 1 and a 2 component foam?
There are many differences between the two systems, including density, R-value and typical usage are some of the main differences. The main difference is the curing process. The 2-component cures by a chemical reaction that occurs when components A & B mix. The single component foams cure with the moisture in the air.

4. Should I get foam in cans or tanks?
Although there are many advantages to both container types, the main deciding factor of which to use must be made after taking the type of appliation you will be filling. The gun applied foams are ideal for applications where a can and gun can be easily carried and used. The large 16lb tanks can be cumbersome in some applications. On the other hand, where you are applying a large volume of foam without the the tank system may work for you.

5. Are all foams dispensed by a foam gun?
There are many different types of foam. Our UltraSeal PF-50 can be easily dispensed by a straw included in the packaging.

6. Can Foam be exposed to the elements?
Foam can be used for both interior and exterior applications. For those applications where foam will be exposed to to the elements, the foams should be covered or painted.

7. Why use a “low pressure” foam for windows and doors?
The UltraSeal PF-120 is a low pressure foam ideal for Window & Door applications. Its low pressure characteristic will not bow windows or doors when applied properly.

8. How often should I clean my foam tools?
Use the recommended procedure as outlined in the product manual.

9. How much coverage can I achieve out of a PF-200 kit?
Approximately 200 board feet. Like any other foam, the temperature of the foam, substrate and application process may lower the yield of the 2-component foaming sytems.

10. What type of respirator is required when using your PF-200 or PF-600 kits?
When and if the operating conditions call for use of a respirator, you will want to use a NIOSH approved against organic vapours.

11. Can I use your Foam cleaner to clean cured foam?
No, NUCO PF-10 foam cleaner cannot be used to clean cured product. Once the foam is cured, it is very hard to remove it. Proper clothing must be worn when applying any foaming product and the area being foamed must be properly prepared.

12. What can I do if my G1-A or G1 guns is defective?
The G1-A & the G1 Professional Dispensing Foam Guns are 100% rebuildable through NUCO’s Rebuild Program. Simply send us back the gun with a minimul fee and we’ll send you a completely rebuilt gun. Call our customer service department for additional information.